Accessories & Consumables
  • David_Precision
    Standard quality management system, ensuring accurate measurement

    Excellent sensors feature high sensitivity, precision and reliability, ensuring excellent signal transmission.

    Outstanding anti-interference quality effectively overcomes interferences to measurement from environment, patient’s activity and neighboring devices, suitable for complicated backgrounds.

    Complete accessory specifications meet the clinical requirements of various types of patients, removing the risk of measurement errors arising from inappropriate sizes.

  • David_Safety
    All-dimensional ergonomic protection design, ensuring safe use

    Strict electrical safety standard, ensuring safe use.

    All materials in touch with patients are highly biocompatible, free of allergy and other biological risks.

    Ergonomic structure design removes all and any sharp edges for more safety.

  • David_Durability
    Carefully selected high reliability materials, ensuring durable and nice accessories

    Reliable signal connection overcomes interferences to signals from hypoperfusion and body movements of the patient, ensuring reliable measurement.

    Excellent materials are adopted for accessories to withstand many common cleaning and disinfection reagents, having excellent anti-aging properties.

    Flexible cables feature excellent bending performance, lowering the risk of breakage and cracking under long-term pressure.

  • David_Convenience
    Convenient and easy-to-use design, enhancing clinician's work efficiency

    Clear and intuitive icons and color signs help clinical users identify quickly the desired type of accessories, thus enhancing the work efficiency.

    No hard-to-clean corners, no hidden filth, lowering the risk of infections due to poor cleaning.

    Universal interface design for high compatibility between accessories and products of the same type, easier equipment management and lower maintenance costs.