Bilirubin Phototherapy Equipment

The main method for the treatment of neonatal pathological jaundice to reduce the concentration of bilirubin

360° intensive blue light radiation

1) 360° omni-directional blue light irradiation, large effective area, high intensity, good uniformity, efficient bilirubin loss, shortening the treatment time;

2) The irradiation wavelength is 400~550nm, which can achieve the best bilirubin absorption rate and effectively  treat neonatal jaundice;

3) Stronger total bilirubin irradiance, in line with the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for intensive light therapy equipment.

Comfortable environment

1) The air temperature adjustment system provides a suitable treatment environment for children;

2) Manually control the upper and nether LED light sources separately to adjust the ambient temperature;

3) The inclination of the bassinet is adjustable, providing a comfortable resting environment (for web mattress only).

Improved clinical usability

1) The scientific design of the turning mechanism enables easy cleaning, disinfection and maintenance;

2) Blue light timer, convenient for the operator to change the irradiation light source in time;

3) 5.1 inches LCD color touch screen, multiple functions are integrated and controlled, and can be achieved by simple click.

  • Visual alarm

    360° visual alarm light can observe the alarm information in all direction.

  • Observation side window

    The large brown observation side window is convenient for observing the treatment status of the child and reduces the blue light damage to the nursing staff.

  • Web mattress

    Light-transmitting web mattress, soft and comfortable to touch, good air permeability for infant skin, while not affecting the effect of radiation treatment.