Bilirubin Phototherapy Blanket

An excellent treatment solution for newborns with neonatal jaundice

Safe treatment

1) The narrow band LED does not emit light in the range of UV and IR, the emitted light is always within stable light wavelength spectrum;

2) Small side effect on infant (such as fever, irritability crying, vomiting,diarrhea, rash, riboflavin deficiency and hemolysis and bronchial disease, etc.), convenient for processing medical care;

3) Infant can be covered with blanket to avoid the light pollution to the surrounding environment and people.

  • Intensive phototherapy

    The product is placed underneath the newborns, which is directly contact to the infant skin, to deliver intensive phototherapy through high power & narrow-band blue LED source and fiber-optic blanket. Allow repeated intermittent treatment to improve the therapeutic effect.

  • Small and soft blanket, portable system

    The fiber-optic blanket is soft and comfortable. The whole system is small size, easy to carry around.

  • Infant-parent bonding

    Facilitate mother breast feeding the newborn baby,and build up the interactive intimate relationship between each other.