Infant Radiant Warmer

Build a safe neonatal surgical emergency place to effectively save the rescue time of emergency diseases

LCD touch screen

1) 8-inch color LCD touch screen, large characters, clearly visible from a long distance, which is convenient for medical staff to operate and observe;

2) Masimo pulse oximetry monitoring function, measure blood oxygen and pulse effectively during motion and low perfusion;

3) Hands-free alarm silence, non-contact alarm mute function to maintain a clean and quiet nursing environment.

Resuscitation function

T-piece resuscitator: It can provide controlled and stable peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP), ensure functional residual capacity (FRC), improve lung compliance, and provide safe and effective respiratory resuscitation ventilation management for premature infants;

Air/oxygen blender: Provide accurate control of air-oxygen mixed gas topatients who need oxygen; as a gas supply device, it can be used in conjunction with other clinical respiratory therapy systems (such as nCPAP, HFNC);

Low pressure aspirator: Professionally used to clean the respiratory tract of newborns.

  • Warmer module

    The radiation area is more concentrated, ensuring that the mattress is evenly heated, and at the same time avoiding the surrounding nursing staff from feeling overheated.

  • Electric tilting system

    Press the button of the electric bed to easily control the angle of the bassinet.

  • Weighing system

    Built-in weighing system, convenient to measure the weight of children, and monitor the trends of weight changes.