Transport Incubator

Build a mobile NICU and construct a bridge of life for in-hospital and inter-hospital transport

Precise control

1) Applying ARM Cortex core controller to improve computing capability, expand memory, and realize multi-task synchronous operation.

2) Equipped with an intelligent embedded operating system in combination with multiple CPUs to achieve precise control of temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration.

3) Strong adaptability, more human-computer interaction functions can be expanded in the future.

  • LCD screen

    The 5.6-inch color LCD screen can be used in touch and shuttle modes for more convenient operation.

  • Double wall hood

    Minimize the heat loss generated by in-hospital and inter-hospital transport.

  • Precise control

    1) Updated PID core algorithm allows the temperature in the incubator to fluctuate more stable.

    2) Single-point calibration of oxygen concentration (21% or 100%), with industry's leading accuracy.

    3) Built-in humidity sensor achieves accurate control of the humidity in the incubator.

User-friendly design

1) Independent and lightweight bed design, built-in slide rails capable of being easily pushed and pulled.

2) Pressure-relief antidecubitus mattress made of TPU materials is antibacterial, waterproof, soft and breathable.

3) The uniquely designed 4 shock-absorbing silicone pads under the bassinet can effectively cope with the bumpy road during transfer.

4) Disposable non-woven straps can firmly fix newborns and provide safe transport. 

Masimo Rainbow SpO2 pulse oximetry monitoring

1) Combined with clinical assessment, the screening sensitivity for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) can be increased to 93%.

2) It can significantly reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

3) Effectively eliminate movement interference and improve the measurement performance under low perfusion and body movement states.

Technological innovation

1) Applying medical-grade large-capacity lithium battery technology, achieving a 6-hour battery life.

2) The new lighting system of optical fibers using the reflector to refract, has low self-conducting heat, convenient for heat dissipation of whole machine.

3) Innovate design with internal aluminum alloy support structure is used to effectively reduce the weight of the incubator.

Trolley module

1) Standard trolley with stepless adjustment of height is convenient for medical staff to carry out in-hospital nursing, diagnosis, and transfer of critically ill newborns timely.

2) Optional ambulance type trolley is available for safe and efficient loading and unloading operations.

3) Optional electric-lift type trolley with stepless adjustment of height, capable of achieving loading or unloading operations easily by a single person.