Neonate Hypothermia Device

A small semiconductor refrigeration neonate hypothermia device, efficient and stable

Small thermal inertia, precise temperature control

1) Intelligent temperature control system, PID core algorithm upgrading, precise control of newborn's body temperature by automatic adjustment of water temperature rise and fall, and body temperature monitoring feedback;

2) Creative cooling capacity control technology, realizing fast cooling/heating switching without refrigerant, creating a safe and stable clinical treatment environment.

  • Low noise

    No vibration of the device, creating a quiet medical treatment environment.

  • Safe operation

    Electric water filling/draining function, convenient for medical stff to operate safely.

  • Temperature protection

    Triple independent temperature protection, timely activation of three-level acousto-optic alarm to provide multiple safety protections.

Small size

Small semiconductor neonate hypothermia device, with the volume being about 1/4 of the traditional vertical temperature controller, offering "unrestricted" space for NICU.

Human-computer interaction

1) 8-inch LCD color touch screen with centralized display of various data, clear at a glance, more convenient to set and record;

2) Power-off memory function, able to continue the treatment according to the original state after power failure recovery.

Hypothermia trolley

Suitable for a variety of medical environments, flexible and convenient to use; ergonomic design, made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable; quiet casters to reduce noise when moving.

Used with EEG monitor

Can be used in conjunction with an EEG monitor to create a "one-stop" solution for encephalopathy diagnosis and treatment, providing medical staff with an important method for early diagnosis, prognosis and early intervention of brain injury.