Infant Radiant Warmer

Full-featured four-in-one emergency care system for escorting with love

Stable thermoregulation

1) Thermally conductive mattress, built-in carbon fiber heating, effectively maintain the body temperature of newborns.

2) Cone angle swivel by ±60° to ensure that the irradiation light source is always focused on the bed surface.

3) Quartz material double heating tube design, fast heating speed, short rewarming time, efficiently converting into far-infrared radiation.

4) Five temperature servo control modes: Pre-warm mode, Manual mode, Baby mode, Kangaroo mode and Mattress temperature control modes.

  • LCD display

    12.1-inch TFT color LCD touch screen with night mode setting and automatic adjustment of screen brightness.

  • Camera

    Capable of carrying out local imaging and video recording convenient for clinical review.

  • Panel damping system

    The three-sided panel damping system lowers the panel in silence.

Jaundice treatment

1) Intensive phototherapy, using Blue LED light source, in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for strong light therapy equipment.

2) Reduce the level of bilirubin quickly, shorten the treatment time, and reduce the chance of blood transfusion exchange to a certain extent.

3) Light treatment time accumulation and single treatment time display enable medical staff to replace the irradiation light source in time.

Respiratory resuscitation

1) T-piece resuscitation device: Provide controlled and stable peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), effectively prevent neonatal respiratory complications.

2) Air/oxygen blender device: Provide accurately controlled air-oxygen mixed gas to children who need oxygen.

3) Low pressure aspirator device: Professionally used for cleaning the respiratory tract of newborns.

Life monitoring

1) It can effectively eliminate movement interference and improve the measurement performance under low perfusion and body movement states.

2) Masimo CO2 monitoring, provides two measurement methods: mainstream and external side flow to monitor CO2 accurately in a real-time manner.

3) SunTech NIBP monitoring, has double protection function of software and hardware.

Comfortable environment

1)  First domestic kangaroo mode, supporting kangaroo-style care.

2) One-button electric control bassinet can be adjusted smoothly and tilted at multiple angles; the angle of the bassinet can be adjusted through the touch screen and support one-key leveling.

3) Independent over-temperature protection system has a variety of fault sound and light alarm prompts, providing multiple safety protection.