Infant Incubator

Take comfort as the main design concept and provide medical staff with more convenient operation

  • Two control modesAir mode and baby mode servo controlled by micro-computer

  • LCD screenThe information can be stored, checked and indicated by the color LCD display screen

  • Concentration controlHumidity and oxygen concentration display and servo control system

  • Temperature set function">37℃" temperature set function

  • Air circulationThe air circle with outlet in both front and back of the hood

  • Low noiseLow noise brushless DC motor

  • Operating doorsOperating doors on three sides

  • X-ray cassetteX-ray cassette under the bassinet

  • Water reservoirWater reservoir integrated with heater, high temperature disinfection can be applied

  • Adjustable angleInclination of bassinet is adjustable

  • Adjustable heightThe height of whole unit can be adjusted

  • Alarm indicationsMultiple failure alarm indications

  • RS-232 connectorRS-232 connector for data output