Infant Incubator

A full-featured system combining an incubator and radiant warmer in one unit

User-friendly design

1) 360° rotatable infant bed, minimize the baby stimulation during the treatment;

2) Stepless adjustable inclination of bassinet;

3) The height of whole unit is adjustable.

Safe operation

1) Flip-type heating integrated water reservoir, easy to disassembled and clean;

2) Heating system, double-sided winds, excellent heat distribution uniformity, low calorific value per unit area.

Radiant warmer module

Radiant temperature control system (Pre-warm Mode, Manual Mode, and Baby Mode).

  • LCD screen

    8 inch large size color LCD screen.

  • Quiet environment

    Panel damping system, the baffle is damped inside. When the door opens and takes off, it will fall down slowly and quietly without hand support.

  • Observation lamp

    The lamp could be adjusted in multi-directions, so as to provide a clear observation of the infant.