Medical Pendant

It breaks through the traditional space constraints and improves the efficiency of clinical treatment

  • Safe and reliableHigh-strength aluminum alloy is selected for one-time extrusion molding, which can meet the requirements of four times the load-bearing safety factor

  • Environmentally friendlyThe electrostatic spraying technology is antibacterial and mold resistant, healthy and environmentally friendly

  • Different terminalsThe gas terminals of different colors and shapes can effectively avoid mis-plugging, and have the on, off and unplugging states

  • Separate designThe front-rear-separated gas and electricity terminal design can effectively manage the cables of medical equipment

  • Oxygen vent holeThe bottom of the body is equipped with an oxygen vent hole to prevent fire accidents caused by oxygen accumulation

  • CE certificationPassed the CE certification, ergonomic gas and power insertion positions, more than 20,000 times of clinical plugging and unplugging

  • Built-in dampingThe mechanical damping brake enables easy and smooth braking

  • Storage spaceThe self-suction drawer enables more convenient storage and quieter closing

  • Creative designSimple and lively streamlined design, concise and elegant, in line with the requirements for hospital laminar flow purification

  • Flexible configurationThe number of gas and electricity terminals can be increased as needed and configured flexibly to realize the modular design