Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector

Non-invasive way to measure infant's transcutaneous bilirubin value

Effective and user-friendly

1) 3.0 inch color touch screen, large character indicates and read measurement value clearly and rapidly;

2) On-screen display of multiple measurement data, and simultaneous storage of multiple patient information, achieving data management to patients;

3) BM-100C: configured with bar code reader, by scanning QR and bar code, it can check or enter nurse and patient ID quickly and accurately; configured with micro USB data communication connector, can be connected with PC to transmit data, record and management are simple.

Long endurance

1) Equipped with charging base, enduring built-in chargeable battery, measuring 2000 times after battery is full;

2) Xenon flash lamp with long lifespan (measurement ≥150,000 times);

3) Charging base with the function of integrated light checker, consumable-free, saving cost for check.

Accurate measurement

1) Effective check to identify patient with high-risk jaundice precisely, conform to the newest clinical guidance; Constant measurement to multiple patients without repeating calibration;

2) Average measurement: this function permits 1~5 times setting of average measurement to ensure the accuracy on results;

3) Converting between two kinds of measurement unit mg/dL, μmol/L;

4) Applicable to premature babies above 28 weeks gestation.