Infant Incubator

The World's first "rooming in" incubator

Upgraded core algorithm

1) Equipped with an embedded smart control system, multiple CPUs are used together; the updated PID core algorithm makes the temperature fluctuation in the incubator more stable.

2) The scientific design of 270° warm air inhalation mode creates an advanced air circulation system to minimize heat loss during the nursing process.

3) 7-channel temperature sensor monitoring.

  • LCD Screen

    1) 12.1-inch TFT color LCD touch screen, night mode can be set to reduce the impact of light stimulation on newborns.

    2) Can be rotated left and right and turned up and down at multiple angles according to clinical needs, and is clearly visible from a long distance.

  • Pressure-relief mattress

    Pressure-relief anti-decubitus mattress made of TPU materials is antibacterial, waterproof, soft and breathable, and protects the tender skin of newborns.

  • Adjustable height

    1) The semi-brake locks the rear casters, allowing medical staff to move quickly over short distances.

    2) The height of the whole machine can be adjusted with one key/foot pedal, which can meet the operation of medical staff of different heights.

Bacteriostatic environment

1) Can be equipped with an external humidification water bag provided by the hospital to reduce contact with external air, and high-temperature steam humidification is used to inhibit the bacterial growth and greatly reduce the risk of infection.

2) The humidification water tank made of Teflon material, combined with the self-cleaning and self-disinfection mode, saves more maintenance costs.

3) The independent over-temperature protection system has a variety of sound-light alarms, providing multiple safety protection.

4) Built-in filtering device can effectively filter more than 99% of dust.

"Rooming in" incubator

1) Unique suspended baby cabin design, with super high lift travel and one-button lift, can adapt to any height of sickbed; establishing "mother-infant skin contact" ASAP can greatly make closer the parent-child relationship.

2) The first domestic kangaroo mode: effectively maintain the temperature in the incubator, support kangaroo-style care.

3) With the built-in camera,  image shooting and video recording can be performed in a timely manner to facilitate clinical review.

Human-machine interaction

1) Detachable nursing hand frame, with ergonomic and thoughtful design, can meet any nursing posture, convenient for medical sta to carry out long-term nursing operations on infants, making it easier and more comfortable.

2) The observation windows on both sides of the hood are designed to facilitate medical staff to check the treatment status of infants at any time and reduce external interference.

3) One-button electric control bassinet can be adjusted smoothly and tilted at multiple angles.

User-friendly design

1) The self-contained shading hood cover, made to PVC foam material, isolates environmental noise and creates a lightproof and quiet incubating space for infants.

2) Built-in observation lamp, the brightness is infinitely adjustable, convenient for medical staff to open the hood cover on the side for observation and nursing, reducing external stimulation.

3) The gas spring structure can be easily opened and closed, the height can be adjusted independently and freely, and it can rise quickly with one button to deal with emergency situations.