Neonatal Monitor

Accurate and reliable algorithm measurement to care for newborns with love

Accurate algorithm

1) Professional ECG algorithm, suitable for monitoring the 3-lead (standard configuration) and 5-lead (optional configuration) ECG waveform and heart rate;
2) Using SunTech blood pressure technology, providing dual overvoltage protection for hardware and software and ensure accurate measurement of neonatal blood pressure parameters;
3) Using Masimo CO2 measurement technology to provide three measurement methods: mainstream, external bypass and built-in bypass (optional).

CCHD Screening

1)  Provide a non-invasive, economical, and simple preliminary screening tool for congenital heart disease (CCHD) clinically;

2) Screen the CCHD through the comparison between measured SpO2 values of neonate's right hand and either foot;

3) Apnea wake-up function, close monitoring, real-time prompts, and comprehensive protection to help the newborns escape from the risk of apnea.

Plug-in box

1) Masimo blood oxygen technology to effectively eliminate motion disturbance and improve the measurement performance of weak perfusion;

2) Non-invasive, continuous measurement of methemoglobin (SpMet) in the blood;

3) Easy to disassemble plug-in box, portable and compact, plug and play, with multiple parameter modules, realize function expansion.

  • LCD screen

    12-inch HD screen for clear display.

  • Oxygen concentration detection function

    Optional oxygen concentration probe, through oxygen concentration monitoring, to avoid neonatal oxygen poisoning caused by excessive intake of oxygen concentration. 

  • Dual blood oxygen function

    Optional dual blood oxygen function, simultaneously monitor and display different SpO2 values of neonate's either hand and either foot.