Bilirubin Phototherapy Device

Can be applied in multiple scenarios to create an effective treatment environment for infants

Intensive blue light irradiation

1) Using LED cold light source for blue light treatment, with high intensity and low heat, which can effectively prevent the newborn  body water evaporation and side effects of phototherapy; Stronger total bilirubin irradiance, in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the guidance of intense light therapy equipment requirements*, which can effectively reduce jaundice and shorten the treatment time.

2) The dominant wavelength range is 445~470nm, which can achieve the best bilirubin absorption efficiency and effectively treat neonatal jaundice.

3) With a sufficiently large effective irradiation area (1000cm²), high-focus light source, uniform coverage, to ensure that neonates can fully receive blue light treatment.

  • Color screen design

    Color LCD touch screen, visualized operation, providing a more direct user experience.

  • Gooseneck design

    The humanized gooseneck design can easily adjust the angle to meet the clinical needs, and provide effective phototherapy for the  designated treatment area.

  • Flexible matching

    Compact and portable, it can be flexibly matched with other products with lower phototherapy function to form a more efficient double surface phototherapy solution.