Patient Monitor

Accurate and reliable algorithm measurement to care for patients

  • LCD screenHD screen for clear display, large font interface

  • Fanless designFanless design to create a quiet environment for the department

  • Dual operationTouch & shuttle dual operation for work efficiency improvement

  • Plug-in boxEasy to disassemble the plug-in box for easy functional expansion

  • Viewing angleExtra wide viewing angle for observation from different angles

  • Alarm lamp360° alarm lamp, easy to observe alarm

  • Light controlIntelligent light control of the screen to automatically adapt to the light environment

  • Optional mounting bracketsConvenient to combine with other medical devices

  • SpO₂ monitoring Non-invasive, continuous measurement of pulsating oximetry was used to realize the simultaneous monitoring of blood oxygen parameters in patients.

  • CO₂ monitoring (optional) Provide two measurement methods: mainstream and external bypass.

  • ECG monitoring Professional ECG algorithm, suitable for monitoring the 3-lead (optional configuration) and 5-lead (standard configuration) ECG waveform and heart rate.

  • NIBP monitoring Providing dual overvoltage protection for hardware and software to safe and accurate blood pressure monitoring for children and adults over 3 years of age.