Infant Oxygen Hood

Improve brain hypoxia and reduce breathing resistance

  • Adjustable concentrationUniform and stable oxygen concentration, can be adjusted as needed

  • Safe and stableThe high flow rate gas can accelerate the exhaled carbon dioxide from newborns to be discharged from the hood

  • ComfortableSilicone curtain piece is designed between the hood and the baby's neck for transition

  • Easy operationThe side door can be slid left and right without moving the hood

  • Optional bracketsTwo brackets are provided to meet different sizes of oxygen supply hoses

  • Streamlined designIntegrated injection molding, fully transparent visualization

  • Excellent materialMade of PC material, colorless and environmentally friendly, durable, compact and portable, easy to disassemble and clean

  • Flexible adaptationFive optional specifications, can be flexibly selected according to the size of the head and neck of newborns