EEG Monitor

Early diagnosis and early treatment, dedicated to the "stationary" solutions for brain function diagnosis and treatment.

HIE multi-dimensional identification and application

1) According to the amplitude and continuity of the upper/lower boundary of aEEG, the neonatal EEG activity will be classified, and the Hellstrom-Westas background five-classification method will be used to improve the ability of medical staff to identify the aEEG waveforms;

2) Masimo Rainbow SET pulse oximetry monitoring, monitor the SpO2/PI/PR change in a non-invasive and continuous manner, effectively eliminate the exercise interference, improve the measurement performance under low perfusion and body motion.

  • Rechargeable battery

    Equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion battery to support 2h independent working time, which is convenient for transfer of patient.

  • Real-time detection of electrode impedance

    Provide the function of real-time detection of electrode impedance to ensure the validity of the detection information.

  • Stable integrated medical trolley

    Compliant with the allowable load in IEC60601-1, more stable than ordinary trolleys, easy to move, and special for bedside monitoring.

Epilepsy rapid identification and application

1) Envelope trend chart (ENVELOPE) is used to represent the change in the EEG amplitude, which can better eliminate the artifacts caused by interference and identify epileptic seizure events more accurately;

2) TP (total power), also known as total energy, reflects the change in the EEG amplitude, and has high sensitivity and low specificity for clinically detecting epileptic seizures.

Medical all-in-one machine - "intuitive display in the multi-trend chart"

1) Complies with the EU CE-related: EN60601-1-2: 2015 and EN60601-1: 2006 standards, with better hardware security, stability, durability and anti-interference;

2) Equipped with a 19-inch color touch medical-grade display screen, displays each trend chart and corresponding values clearly and intuitively;

3) Provides a variety of trend chart displays and real-time EEG displays to help the clinicians interpret data in time and ensure the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

Signal amplifier - "multi-channel signal acquisition"

1) Standard 4 channels and optional 8/12 channels, with impedance selection button, built-in SpO2 input channel, less interference from the environment, and more stable signal acquisition;

2) With strong anti-interference performance, it can also record high-quality electrophysiological signals in the complex NICU and operating room environments and during the transfer process.

High-definition night-vision video monitoring

1) The optional high-definition camera with night vision function supports horizontal and vertical rotation, and the illumination distance can be up to 20m;

2) The physical movement of patients can be monitored in a real-time manner through the LCD screen, eliminate artifacts caused by various interference, and detects EEG signals accurately.