Bilirubin Phototherapy Equipment

The main method for the treatment of neonatal pathological jaundice to reduce the concentration of bilirubin

  • Temperature controlAir temperature control, skin temperature monitoring, providing suitable temperature

  • Bilirubin treatmentDouble side blue light radiation function, effcient bilirubin loss

  • Adjustable angleStepless adjustable of bassinet inclination angel

  • Timer for phototherapyEasy for medical staff to record the phototheray time and replace light source in time

  • Access from three sidesFront door and two side doors can be opened

  • Water tankWater tank can be pulled out for clean and sterilize easily

  • Double protectionDouble insurance design at the front door to prevent accidental opening

  • Low noiseBrushless DC motor to drive thermal cycle

  • Alarm indicationSelf-check function, multiple fault alarm indications