Bilirubin Phototherapy Device

Can be applied in multiple scenarios to create an effective treatment environment for infants

Intensive blue light irradiation

1) Using SMD LEDs, the total bilirubin irradiance can reach more than 75μW/cm²/nm, in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the guidance of intense light therapy equipment requirements, which can effectively reduce jaundice and shorten the treatment time;

2) Service life ≥ 50000 hours, effectively reducing energy consumption;

3) The irradiation wavelength is 400~550nm, which can achieve the best bilirubin absorption efficiency and effectively treat neonatal jaundice.

Large touch screen

1) Independent 4.3-inch color LCD screen, full touch visual operation with two working modes of count down and count up;

2) PWM control is used to realize the infinite adjustment of blue light brightness;

3) Total blue light timer, convenient for medical staff to change the light source in time, so as to ensure the effect of phototherapy.

Humanized design

1) The height of the whole machine can be adjusted freely, and the tilt angle of the irradiation light box can also be adjusted, providing medical staff with a variety of clinical treatment options;

2) Can be used with infant care equipment to provide better jaundice treatment effect, such as infant incubator;

3) Casters can be locked to ensure the stability during jaundice treatment.