Infant Bed

Provide 24h bedside clinical treatment and care for parents

Safe sleeping environment

1) Rooming-in, with the family as the unit to reduce the risk of cross-infection, improve the exclusive breastfeeding rate, and establish the initial stage of parent-child interaction.

2) The 360° all-round rotation design, combined with the swing arm to stretch left and right, allows the mother to take care of the baby in a more comfortable position (YC-200B).

3) Infant basin inclination angle is adjustable in three gears, the stable and safe structure design can avoid rollover even when tilted to the maximum angle (YC-200A).

4) Recoverable side door panel, scroll spring structure, minimize the noise generated.

Intimate clinical care

1) The transparent and visible baby basin made of PC material enables close interaction with the baby from a long distance even if the mother is lying on the bed.

2) Pressure-relief anti-decubitus mattress is antibacterial, waterproof, soft and breathable, and protects the tender skin of newborns.

3) Bed frame in cold-rolled steel structure, which is sturdy and durable, protects the baby's nursing safety.

User-friendly operation design

1) The height of the bed is freely adjustable, and the ultra-high lifting stroke (27cm±2cm) can be adapted to any height of the hospital bed.

2) Four universal locking casters are flexible and convenient to move, which can ensure the safety and stability during nursing.

3) The large-capacity storage basket, together with the storage pockets on both sides of the bed, provides a larger storage space for maternal and child supplies and clinical care items.