David Medical Attended MEDICA 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany


MEDICA 2023 is taking place at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany from November 13rd to 16th. David Medical made a wonderful appearance with latest innovations, and discussed cutting-edge medical technologies and the high-quality development of the industry with you.

Product Display

YP-3100 Series Infant Incubator

YP-3100 series infant incubator integrates incubating + first aid + monitoring in one. It is equipped with a 10.4 inch TFT color LCD touch screen and an Android display system, and supports the kangaroo-style care to facilitate newborns' physical and mental development. The infant radiant warmer mode helps medical staff to assess the vital signs of newborns in time, and maintains a clean and quiet nursing environment.

Infant Inter-hospital Transfer Solution

It provides a transfer platform for critically ill newborns to achieve seamless transfer between upper and lower hospitals and departments. In addition to being equipped with a transport incubator, the platform also integrates equipment such as vital sign monitoring, respiratory resuscitation, first aid, and life support. It aims to achieve an overall solution for clinical application and provide a safer and more convenient transfer method.

Neonatal jaundice treatment equipment

XHZ-200 neonate bilirubin phototherapy equipment is the main method to treat neonatal pathological jaundice and reduce the bilirubin concentration in newborns. 360° blue light irradiation, large effective area, high intensity, good uniformity, efficient bilirubin loss, shortening the treatment time; the irradiation wavelength is 400~550nm, which can effectively treat neonatal jaundice. BM-100 series transcutaneous jaundice detector can non-invasively measure transcutaneous bilirubin value by gently pressing its probe on the forehead of newborns.

David Medical will continue to further develop the global market, and win the trust of more global customers with better products and more thoughtful services. We wholeheartedly use innovation to lead development and care for newborns with love!

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