Towards an Intelligent Future | David Medical Attended CMEF 2023 in Shanghai


Ningbo David Medical Device Co., Ltd., as a leader in the subdivision of infant care equipment in the domestic medical device industry, is committed to providing medical equipment and professional solutions in the field of neonatology.

At this CMEF exhibition, the overall design of David Medical’s booth revolves around the theme of "Endless Love to Guard the New Life Safe", adopts a simple design style, and uses a modular display method to simulate different clinical environment, such as NICU, rooming-in, and OR surgery, providing a comprehensive and one-stop diagnosis and treatment platform for patients.

In the past 30 years since its establishment, David Medical has been deeply involved in the field of neonatology with an innovative, rigorous, efficient and solid style of work, and has combined many single products into solutions for clinical scenarios, actively exploring the new future of the industry.

David Medical’s Rooming-in Solution integrates labor, delivery and recovery. It is a high-end home-style delivery room. The home-style environment has better privacy, which will allow pregnant mothers to eliminate the tension of delivery, and greatly improve the safety and comfort of mothers and babies. In addition, it can also reduce the risk of cross-infection, establish a close relationship between mother and baby as soon as possible, create a safe sleeping environment for the baby, and promote the baby's intellectual growth and physical development.

David Medical’s NICU solution integrates critical medical equipment to improve the quality of clinical diagnosis and treatment. It is not only committed to helping to establish a suitable incubating and treatment environment, but also can follow up the monitoring of vital signs at all times to protect the lives of newborns.

David Medical’s NNICU solution is mainly aimed at a comprehensive solution that integrates diagnosis, treatment, transport and prognosis of neonatal brain injury. While improving the survival rate of premature infants, improve the quality of life of the infants, hoping that the infants will survive without neurodevelopmental damage.

Neonatal jaundice is a common symptom in the newborn period with a relatively high incidence. About 80% of premature infants and about 50% of full-term infants will develop jaundice symptoms within 1 week after birth.

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