Mr. Chen Yunqin Donated 12 Million Yuan in Building Gaotangdao Township Health Center


Recently, the newly completed health center in Gaotangdao Township, Xiangshan County, is undergoing equipment installation and debugging, and is expected to be put into operation early next month."The new health center, with excellent medical facilities and an inpatient department, is convenient for us to see a doctor near home," Zhang Guibao, a 50-year-old villager from Jiangbei Village, said happily.

Mr. Chen Yunqin, a 76-year-old local celebrity and Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningbo David Medical Device Co., Ltd., donated 12 million yuan for the construction of the health center, and the remaining 13 million yuan investment was from financial subsidies at county and township levels.

Chen Yunqin grew up in Gaotangdao, and founded Ningbo Medical Electronic Instrument Factory (the former of Ningbo David Medical Device Co., Ltd.) through his own efforts. He has never forgotten the hardships of the island residents, especially the shortage of medical resources.

On a rainy day in 2015, when Chen Yunqin passed by the Gaotangdao Township Health Center on his way home, he found that the hospital was obsolescent in facilities, with dilapidated and leaky rooms. The rooms had tumbledown and moldy walls, seeming dangerous. And it was very frustrating for him.

Soon, a good news came to Gaotangdao Township: Chen Yunqin decided to sell his own villa in Dancheng Town to support the construction of a new health center in his hometown. In July of the same year, Chen Yunqin signed a donation agreement with the county charity association, entrusting the latter to auction his villa through an auction house, and the proceeds of 12 million yuan were donated to the new health center of Gaotangdao Township. This is the largest single donation in the charity history of Xiangshan County.

From the design to the construction of the health center, from room setting to staffing, Chen Yunqin followed the whole process. He visited the construction site many times to learn construction progress, and gave advice based on his own expertise.

Not long ago, the new health center was finally completed. It is reported that the hospital is relocated to Jiangbei Village, with a total buidling area of 5,033.54 square meters, and designed as a Class I hospital. It has 21 departments including a general medicine department, a Chinese acupuncture and massage department, and a resuscitation room, and an inpatient department is newly added with 26 ward beds planned; advanced medical devices such as digital diagnosis and Mindray color Doppler ultrasound systems are newly purchased. In the next step, a pediatrics department and rehabilitation wards will be added to improve the medical environment for the island residents practically.

"The best destination of wealth is to pay back to society! In the future, I will make further contributions to public welfare programs in my hometown," Chen Yunqin said.

He always care about his hometown and its development. Let's praise this local sage together!


The original health center in Gaotangdao Township

The new health center in Gaotangdao Township


Source: Ningbo Daily, Xiangshan County Health Bureau, Gaotangdao Township People's Government, Xiangshan County

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