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HKN-93 Series
HKN-93 Infant Radiant Warmer

HKN-93 is an infant radiant warmer. With professionalism and convenience as the main design concept, it provides a more comprehensive and open nursing environment for babies.

· Split Screen Display
Split screen display of various values, with APGAR timing function, phototherapy timing function, etc.
· Three control modes
Pre-warm mode, manual mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
· Adjustable Angle
Horizontal angle of warmer module and tilt angle of the bassinet can be adjusted
· X-ray
X-ray cassette under the bassinet
APGAR timer
· RS-232
RS-232 connector
· Over-Temperature Protection
Independent over-temperature protection system
· Temperature Correction
The front panel has a temperature correction function
· Data Storage
With data storage function
· Optional Configuration
Vertical Height Adjustment stand; Drawer;Weighing system and SpO2
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