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YP-970 Series
YP-930 Infant Incubator

YP-930 is a practically multi-functional infant incubator. Its design is based on the concept of safety, snug and simplicity. While keeping temperature constantly stable, it provides humidity concentration display and control to allow simpler operation.

· Two Temperature Control Modes
With two modes: air mode and baby mode
· Double Wall Hood
Double wall hood, automatic air curtain system
· Humidity Control
With humidity concentration control system
· Fresh Air
Volute duct and DC centrifugal fan to ensure continuous fresh air inhale in the hood
· Stable Temperature
Integral heat storage aluminum tank can greatly reduce temperature fluctuations
· Split Screen Display
With split screen display of temperature, box temperature, skin temperature, battery status, etc.
· Temperature Correction
The front panel has a temperature correction function
· Over-Temperature Protection
Independent over-temperature protection system
· Skin Temperature Falling Off Alarm
With skin temperature sensor falling off alarm function
· >37℃ Temperature
>37℃ temperature set function
· Step-Less Adjustable
Step-less adjustable inclination of bassinet
· Data Storage
With data storage function
· Self-Check
The product has a power-on self-check function, and a variety of fault alarm prompts
· Independent Front Door Lock
With independent lock for front door
· RS-232
With RS-232 connector
· Integrated Water Tank
Embedded integrated sensor box, drawer type water tank
· Low Noise
Use low-noise brushless DC motor
· Healthy Resin
The water tank is made of high-quality PES healthy resin without bisphenol A, which can be directly sterilized by "high temperature and high pressure"
· Optional Configuration
Fixed neonate bilirubin phototherapy equipment
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