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YP-970 Series
YP-910 Infant Incubator

YP-910 is a practically multi-functional infant incubator. Its design is based on the concept of safety, snug and simplicity. 

· Two Temperature Control Modes
With two modes: air mode and baby mode
· Double Wall Hood
Double wall hood, automatic air curtain system
· Fresh Air
Volute duct and DC centrifugal fan to ensure continuous fresh air inhale in the hood
· Stable Temperature
Integral heat storage aluminum tank can greatly reduce temperature fluctuations
· Split Screen Display
With split screen display of temperature, box temperature, skin temperature etc.
· Temperature Correction
The front panel has a temperature correction function
· Over-Temperature Protection
Independent over-temperature protection system
· Skin Temperature Falling Off Alarm
With skin temperature sensor falling off alarm function
· >37℃ Temperature
>37℃ temperature set function
· Step-Less Adjustable
Step-less adjustable inclination of bassinet
· Data Storage
With data storage function
· Self-Check
The product has a power-on self-check function, and a variety of fault alarm prompts
· Independent Front Door Lock
With independent lock for front door
· RS-232
With RS-232 connector
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