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AC Series Medical Air Compressor
AC-200B Medical Air Compressor

AC-200B Medical Air Compressor

· Widely use
Able to be combined with pneumatic medical device like air/oxygen blender、CPAP and ventilator to supply highquality medical air.
· Patent design
Patent technology, multiple filtration, unique cooling system, device could provide clean air source continuously and stably under normal condition to allow clinical patients to inhale gas.
· Safety
High-performance oil-free pump and integrated control system, one-click start, pressuring instant rising, continuous working (no less than 10000 hours).
· Humanized configuration
Unique soundproof and noise reduction, noise level<55dB, supply quiet operation; Gas output with dual channels to comply with clinically simultaneous use by multiple devices; Arch support to make sure high-quality heating and humidifying for inhaling gas.
· Intelligible dehydrating
Built-in dehydrating, gas output in low dew point, below -8℃ while operating in full load. Real waterless compressor.
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