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YP-2008 Infant Incubator

YP-2008 is a convenient and multifunctional infant incubator. Taking comfort as the main design concept, the 8-inch color LCD screen provides a more convenient operation process for the operator.

LCD Screen
Scientific Air Circulation System
360° Rotating Bassinet
Full Mold Modeling
Heating Steam Humidification Method
LCD Screen
Adopt an 8-inch color LCD screen, simple and clear operation, multi-interface display, large amount of information, easy to identify parameters
Panel Damping System
The panel has built-in damping, which is silent during the whole process. After the door is opened, it can fall slowly and quietly without hands.
X-Ray Cassette
X-ray cassette can be placed under the bassinet, suitable for various sizes of X-ray film
Heating Steam Humidification Method
The heating steam humidification method can effectively kill most common pathogenic bacteria in the water tank and fully control the occurrence of infection. The humidification system is equipped with a water shortage alarm to prevent dry heating from dam
360° Rotating Bassinet
The bassinet can be pulled out and rotated 360°, which is convenient for medical staff to care and treat the baby in the hood
  • Vertical Height Adjustable The height of bassinet is adjustable to ensure that the most comfortable height is provided for the operation and nursing of every medical staff.
  • Dovetail Guide Rail Column Dovetail guide rail column, convenient to install monitoring tray, infusion stand and other medical equipment
  • Step-Less Adjustable The inclination angle of the bassinet is steplessly adjustable
  • Clean and Disinfect The water tank can be easily removed for easy cleaning and disinfection. The water tank can be sterilized by steam
  • Full Mold Modeling The appearance of the cabinet adopts a fully moulded design, which is beautiful, smooth and concise, highlighting the high-end atmosphere
  • Low Noise Use low-noise brushless DC motor
  • Scientific Air Circulation System Adopt a more scientific air circulation system with front and rear air outlet and left and right return air. Avoid rapid temperature drop when opening the door, and reduce the interference to the baby.
  • RS-232 Equipped with RS-232 connector to facilitate the connection of different devices
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