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TI-2000 Transport Incubator

TI-2000 is a transport incubator used for short-distance transportation of premature infants. Taking comfort and convenience as the main design concept, while maintaining a constant temperature, it provides a more convenient transfer operation process and creates a comfortable transfer environment.

Multiple Power Supply
Split Screen Display
Double Wall Hood
Trolley Configuration
Optional ambulance trolley configuration
Double Wall Hood
Double wall hood, with side door, the bassinet can be pulled out from the side;
  • Two Temperature Control Modes With two modes: air mode and baby mode
  • Over-Temperature Protection Independent over-temperature protection system
  • Self-Check The product has a power-on self-check function, and a variety of fault alarm prompts
  • Temperature Correction The front panel has a temperature correction function
  • Skin Temperature Falling Off Alarm With skin temperature sensor falling off alarm function
  • Front Door Lock With independent lock for front door
  • Oxygen Supply and Lighting With oxygen supply device and LED lighting function
  • Multiple Power Supply Three power supply modes: AC, DC and battery
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