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YP-90AC Infant Incubator

YP-90AC is a simple infant incubator, which adopts an integral heat storage aluminum tank design structure to provide babies with a stable, comfortable and warm growth environment.

Split Screen Display
Low Noise
Fresh Air
Step-Less Adjustable
Healthy Resin
Split Screen Display
Set temperature and air temperature screen display separately
Front Door Lock
Independent front door lock
Abundant Storage Space
Storage drawers and lockers provide abundant storage space
Healthy Resin
The water tank is made of high-quality PES healthy resin without bisphenol A, which can be directly sterilized by high temperature and high pressure
Bilirubin Phototherapy Equipment
The upper and lower hood have bilirubin phototherapy equipment. The lower light source is LED, and the upper light source has two light sources: blue light tube and LED.
  • Two Temperature Control Modes With two modes: air mode and baby mode
  • Oxygen Input With oxygen input interface
  • Temperature Correction The front panel has a temperature correction function
  • Humidity Control With humidity concentration control system
  • Inclination Adjustable Step-less adjustable inclination of bassinet
  • Self-Check The product has a power-on self-check
  • Low Noise Use low-noise brushless DC motor
  • Fresh Air Volute duct and DC centrifugal fan to ensure continuous fresh air inhale in the hood
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