Two David Medical Products Awarded Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products Certificate


Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products Evaluation Board recently released a list of “2020 Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products”, where David Medical’s HKN-93C infant radiant warmer and NBP-I jaundice treatment blanket won the golden business card for Zhejiang’s excellent industrial products.

It’s learnt that the selection and evaluation of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products are jointly organized by Zhejiang Federation of Industrial Economics, 62 provincial industrial associations and prefecture-level business chambers across the province, and the objective is to fully carry out the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the “high-quality development” national strategy to create an ecosystem where upscale products and advanced manufacturing industry join hands for coordinated innovation, push forward the transformation of quality, efficiency and initiative, boost the social awareness and added value of Zhejiang’s industrial products and sharpen their competitive edge in the world.

HKN-93C                                                                NBP-I

HKN-93C infant radiant warmer and NBP-I jaundice treatment blanket by virtue of their perfect quality management, advanced manufacturing technologies and excellent product performance passed the strict procedures of application, primary evaluation, final evaluation, expert review and public comments and won the honor of “representative” of Zhejiang’s excellent industrial products. David Medical then signed with the evaluation board a Convention on Using the Mark of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products, which stipulates that the mark of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products can be used officially as required on the external package and the relevant publicity materials of the certified products.

The mark of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products

This honor is more than a proof of David Medical’s product quality. It’s also an acknowledgement of David Medical’s brand influence. The award is an honor as well as an urge. David Medical, while winning numerous awards, understands its duty on shoulder. In the future, David Medical will continuous its efforts in the field of newborn care, focus on product innovation research and development, work seriously, efficiently and practically to improve product competitiveness in the market and set the quality benchmark for the industry.

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